Facts about mimosa trees

You have a garden and you haven’t decided upon the plants you want to grow. Here is a suggestion: the mimosa tree. Let’s learn more about the silk trees (another name).

About mimosa trees:
They have their origins in China. You can also find them in parts of Asia, Middle East, Australia or East Africa. The habitants of the United States started growing them in 1745. Today, the tree is found in Virginia, New York, Louisiana, California and different other locations.
There are 50 types of mimosa trees.
This plant is deciduous, with sizes from small to medium. The height touches a 40 feet maximum level, whilst the minimum is 20 feet. They shine in dark brown colors and have a soft texture.

The flowers attract the view with colorful stamina. When April or June comes the blooming starts and colors like pink, coral red are appear.
The leaves assemble with ferns and have 5 to 8 inches in lengths and 3-4 inches in width. During nighttime the leaflets form pairs.

The fruits are flat pods, each containing  approximately 10 seeds. They will remain on the plant until winter comes. Are straw colored, have an oval shape and 6 inches as length.

The tree reproduces by vegetative way (trees are cut to be grown again) and by seeds that can spread through air, water or wildlife.

The Mimosa Tree resists in difficult conditions like temperatures of -10 degrees. All the plant needs is full sun – although it can grow in shade, soil such as clay, loam or sandy types and moderate watering.

About caring:

Plant a Mimosa Tree during spring. Be sure to have a well drained soil. An acidic ground is suited, so place peat moss or composted leaves occasionally to keep this characteristic of the soil.
Don’t saturate the plants with water. Clean the surface under the tree of flowers and seeded pods.
The pruning is done during autumn. Be aware that the tree gets attacked by pests (webworm caterpillars) and you must remove immediately the damaged branches or, else, you will have to apply insecticides.

All in all the Mimosa Tree is a great option for your garden decor. Decide upon it and, of course, combine its colors with other types of trees, shrubs or flowers to create a wonderland near to you.

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