Caring For Snowberry Shrubs

A deciduous shrub, the Snowberry shrub gets its name thanks to the white berries it bears which attract a lot of attention and hummingbirds. With its oval, dark green foliage, white flowers with a hint of pink and interesting fruit, the Snowberry is native to North America and belongs to the Caprifoliaceae or Honeysuckle family.

It is also useful, as well as beautiful, as its root system provides good soil preservation features.

It blossoms from June to September and the fruit, also known as ice apples, persist through winter. Some birds enjoy eating the berries, but make sure you or your children don’t digest them as they might cause dizziness, dermatitis and vomiting.

This bush is hardy and fast growing, growing well in either full sun or partial shade, in loamy or sandy soil long as it is well drained. The root ball should not be planted too deep and it should be regularly watered during the first growth season, but not over-watered. Add a thick layer of mulch without covering the trunk. When pruning it you should pay a little attention because it has dense, twiggy branches. All in all, the Snowberry grows well with little care and is very decorative.

deciduous shrub, fast growing, good soil preservation, hummingbirds, mulch, regularly watered, root system