Greenhouse irrigation systems

Because greenhouses lack natural irrigation possibilities, an artificial irrigation system must be used in order to keep plants healthy. You must choose the irrigation type, depending on the size of the greenhouse and the plants that grow in it.

Drip irrigation system

The drip irrigation system is the most efficient of all the systems, having a 90% efficiency rate.

This is because the system delivers water directly to the roots of the plant, reducing water waste through runoff and evaporation. Also, the water doesn’t come in contact with the rest of the plant, reducing the chance of disease. The system uses a series of tubes and emitters placed across the greenhouse. The system can be either automated or manually controlled.

Misting irrigation system

The misting irrigation system uses pipes and spray nozzles to cover the plants with a fine mist that provides moisture to the plants and keeps the temperature levels proper. However, misting doesn’t water deeply to the roots of the plants and increases the chance of fungal disease.

Soaker hose irrigation system

The soaker hose is similar to the drip irrigation system but is less expensive. It basically implies using a hose with small holes in it that seep out water around the base of the plants. The system can be automated and should not exceed 100 feet in length.

Overhead sprinkler irrigation system

The overhead sprinkler system uses pipes with nozzles that hang over the plants and spray water on them. This system should be used for plants that can tolerate wet foliage as it increases the chance of fungal disease. The sprinkler nozzles can’t be adjusted to match each individual plant needs.

Manual watering

You can always use a manual irrigation method, that implies using watering cans or a hose that has a nozzle attached to it to water the greenhouse plants. However, this method isn’t as effective as other irrigation methods and is more labor intensive.

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