Grey water recycling advantages

There are many advantages you can get from recycling water used for a washing machine, from sinks, showers and bath tubs. This water can be used for irrigation. This is especially efficient in areas with water shortages.

Groundwater recharge

Recycled water can be reintroduced into the environment especially when groundwater levels are low. This will help replenish the natural water system and keep its natural cycle working.

Soil fertility

Because landscaping can be harsh on the soil quality, reducing the amount of nutrients it has, you can use recycled water to replenish the soil of some nutrients and thus improve the growth of plants by increasing the fertility of the soil.

Plant growth

Recycled water can be used very efficiently to assure a proper amount of water for plants that don’t get the required amount of water from the soil, due to drought or other issues.

Water quality

Because of various reasons, from weather to landscaping, groundwater and surface water quality is reduced. Recycled water can be used to boost the purification process of the water from surface to underground.


Many landscaping tasks require a high amount of water. To avoid wasting surface or groundwater, you can use recycled water and thus have a great beneficial impact over the environment.

Ecological balance

The environment can be affected by landscaping and other human activities. To regain its functionality, this natural system requires a boost that can be done by introducing recycled water into the system.

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