Irrigation systems

Irrigation systems are used to assure that plants have enough water and so do not rely on nature and labor as often. These systems can be pretty simple, and installable by just about anyone, or complex and require a professional’s help.

Trench system

It is considered the easiest type of irrigation.

It requires a trench that leads water to the plants. This way, the roots of the plants get some of the water. This irrigation method isn’t quite efficient because rain can affect the quantity of water in the trench and so increasing the chance to drown the plants.

Drip system

The drip irrigation system is a highly effective system but its design and installation are complex. Essentially, the system consists of small hoses that run underground, below the plants. These hoses have small holes in them, and provide just the right amount of water needed. This reduces the water quantity needed.

Pipe system

The pipe irrigation system requires the use of PVC piping to accomplish the irrigation. These pipes are either welded or ring and gasket pipes.

Electrical system

The electrical irrigation system implies the use of valves that assure the right quantity of water distributed. This quantity can be modified though sensors and controllers. The whole system is powered by an electrical system.

Chemical system

Chemical irrigation is a good way of offering the plant all it needs including fertilizers, pesticides and rust inhibitors. All of these help the plants grow better and more healthier.

Sprinkler system

The sprinkler irrigation system can be either air-bound or soil-bound. The air-bound irrigation process will reach nearby leaves causing leaf spot. It also is a very uneconomic system, because much of the water evaporates in the air and doesn’t reaches the desired plants. Underground systems are more efficient and have filters and strainers to prevent the sprinkler from getting clogged with dirt or other materials.

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