Garden irrigation - Things to know

There are several methods to reduce the amount of water used in garden. Rain barrels and rain gardens contain the water accumulated from a rainstorm. The drip irrigation system, combined with plants that require less water is a well planned idea.

Rain gardens

The rain gardens consist of repressions that allow runoff water to collect in them. The rainwater is much better to use than hose water. Most plants will be able to grow in a rain garden.

Rain barrels

You can use rain barrels to store the runoff water resulted because of a rainstorm. The water will fall down in the barrels off the roof. The rainwater can be used for irrigation to use less tap water.

Drip irrigation system

The drip irrigation system is the most efficient irrigation system you can use. It delivers water directly to the roots of the plant, preventing waste through evaporation and runoff. You can find drip hoses at any garden store.

Plants that need a lot of water

Some plants require more water than others. Try planting those that don’t require as much water. Tomatoes and strawberries require a large quantity of water whilst onions and beans don’t. Try grouping the plants so that they can share the water and you can use less.

Soil supplements

Use soil supplements that retain moisture more efficiently like mulch,peat or water crystals. These will also prevent weeds from sprouting. The watering needs for garden will be greatly reduced.

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