About covered patios

If you are looking for a covered patio, you can choose from a wide variety of shapes, sizes colors and designs and you can also customize your patio depending on your tastes. A covered patio will surely make you realize how important and great outdoor time is. Types of patio covers:


Offering the least protection, the arbor cover is not the most recommended design.

Indeed, it is mostly chosen because of its pleasant esthetic look but it is hard to build, even if you purchase a arbor building kit. Most of the time, a professional is requires for this task.

Sun shade

Sun shades protect the patio from sun light. It is commonly chosen because it is easy to install and comes in various designs, shapes and colors. To protect your patio for a much longer time, browse for a more durable sun shade, even if it is somewhat more expensive.


The patio awning protects the patio from rain and direct sunlight.A fixed patio awning can be found as a permanent feature or a temporary feature. These awnings stay up the entire season and require minimum to no maintenance other than removing debris that deposit on the canvas roof. Retractable awnings may be more costly, but are surely easier to install and use. They are either manual or electric. When needed, the awning has a mechanism that allows it to roll up the canvas overhang. This way, you can protect the patio from rain and other natural factors. When hailstorm occurs, the awning can be removed to protect it.


A patio roof is usually chosen in tropical climates, where the weather is rainy and hot. It can be installed to offer more protection, even over an existing arbor. If constructed adjacent to the house, the roof can allow you to create a proper outdoor room. This requires planning as patio roofs can be relatively complicated to handle.

Of course, there are other patio covers that can suit your needs like umbrellas, sail shades, gazebos, pergolas, roofs and even trees. It all depends on your needs and your wish to change and increase the quality of your patio.

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