Benefits of far infrared saunas

Although traditional Finnish saunas are very popular, far infrared saunas keep on gaining more and more fans. Also called heat therapy room, far infrared saunas provide multiple benefits if installed into your house and used regularly. There is some information tips that can help you enjoy more your far infrared sauna baths.

  • Regular far infrared saunas help your bone narrow create more white cells and your thymus produce killer T-cells. This way your immunity will strengthen.
  • Your blood circulation is improved with the help of far infrared rays. They will also help your body create more endorphins and reduce the production of lactic acid. Far infrared rays destroy some bacteria types and parasites and burn calories; they also help prevent and fight infection, hyperthermia and even cancer.
  • The light produced by sun has the same beneficial effects as far infrared heat. This heat helps you fight against illness and depression.
  • Regular far infrared sauna baths have several benefits:

–    destroy toxins and bacteria;

–     relax your muscles;

–    prevent stress and tension accumulations;

–    reduce and prevent headaches;

–    improve your blood circulation;

–    improve your respiratory function;

–    strengthen your immunity;

–    Improve the aspect of your skin.

  • Far infrared saunas also remove heavy metal toxins and chemicals from your body. They are thought to be the best detoxification method.
  • Far infrared saunas baths can stop the symptoms of flu and cols to appear.
  • The fat deposits under the skin and the toxins inside them will disappear with the help of infrared heat.
  • A far infrared sauna uses direct heat, thus making your body sweat heavily.
  • Far infrared sauna baths fight very efficiently against cellulite.
  • As compared to traditional Finnish saunas, far infrared models are cheaper and fit in every living space because they come in different shapes, sizes and designs. Besides that, far infrared saunas can be installed and maintained more easily than a conventional one.
  • Far infrared radiant heat is as beneficial as the sunlight. The difference is that natural sunlight can be harmful sometimes due to solar radiation.
  • Far infrared saunas are designed to produce more heat than a traditional sauna, thus making your body sweat heavily and eliminate more toxins.
  • The temperature inside a far infrared sauna can reach almost 60 degrees Celsius (140 degrees F).
  • The fact that the temperature inside the far infrared sauna can be adjusted allows you to repeat a bath session several times and eliminate as many toxins as possible.
  • People suffering from cardiovascular disorders can use far infrared saunas due to the tolerable heat range.
  • Far infrared sauna baths can ameliorate skin diseases and treat muscle spasm, rheumatism, bursitis and hemorrhoids.
  • It is highly recommended to use far infrared saunas if you usually come in contact with chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers.
  • Far infrared saunas use radiant heat; this means that only the bather’s body is heated and not the air around.
  • A far infrared sauna distributes hyperthermic benefits in less than 15 minutes.
  • The usage of far infrared sauna can heal injuries by influencing positively the fibroblasts and increasing DNA protein synthesis and the growth of cells.
  • By enhancing endothelial nitric oxide, lowering blood pressure and improving cardiovascular function, regular far infrared sauna baths can help people suffering from congestive heart failure and angina.
  • The radiant heat of infrared sauna can help treating any muscular pain.
  • Far infrared saunas are more efficient than conventional saunas because they can make your body sweat faster, thus eliminating more toxins.
  • Far infrared saunas are considered more comfortable than traditional saunas because far infrared heathers take effect only on the bather’s body, keeping the temperature of the air inside.
  • Far infrared sauna baths can help you lose on weight, burning a large amount of calories.
  • Far infrared sauna can ameliorate the symptoms caused by ulcer, insomnia, bronchitis, asthma, allergies and ear infections.
  • Because far infrared saunas don’t rely on any kind of water, it is thought to be more beneficial and comfortable than dry saunas.
  • You can keep the window and door open while you are enjoying your far infrared sauna bath.
  • Far infrared saunas can improve the functions of all your organs.
  • Far infrared saunas heat much faster than conventional saunas.
  • Far infrared saunas use ceramic elements or infrared bulbs to produce heat.
  • Far infrared saunas are made of hypoallergenic wood only. We can include here poplar, oak, cedar, basswood, birch and spruce.
  • SaunaGen, Seamax Enterprises Inc, Amerec Sauna &Steam, Finelo Sauna and Steam, EZe Products and Great Saunas are popular and respectable sauna retailers.
  • Far infrared saunas are usually made of hemlock because it is cheaper and can stand the high temperatures inside the sauna.
  • Far infrared radiation diminishes the negative effect of ultraviolet radiation.
  • Palm healing is another method that helps the body to emit far infrared radiant energy.
  • Far infrared saunas were also used by astronauts to maintain their good shape and health.
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