Correct use of sauna

Traditional Finnish and infrared or radiant heat saunas have gained more and more fans during time due to the relaxing experience they offer. Even if you use a sauna bath for the first time, you will discover very soon how to make your experience more and more comfortable and enjoyable. This article will teach you how to make a sauna bathing session unforgettable.

  1.  Do not take sauna baths if you heave health problems such as:

–    cardiovascular disorders

–    hyperthyroidism

–    pulmonary diseases

–    hypertension

–    high blood pressure

–   you are pregnant

Ask for medial advice if you have any other health disorder before using a sauna.

  1. It is forbidden to use saunas if you have drunk any alcohol or you have taken drugs, vasodilators, hypnotics, stimulants, anticoagulants, vasoconstrictors or antihistamines.
  2. Do not exaggerate with eating before taking a sauna bath.
  3. Remove any jewelry (including eyeglasses) before entering the sauna.
  4. Do not enter a sauna wearing contact lenses; remove them.
  5. Take a shower and dry yourself very well before taking a sauna bath.
  6. Take your sauna bath only after you have drunk some mineralized water, otherwise you will dehydrate yourself.
  7. Take care to bring with you two towels: one for sitting and wrapping and one for drying yourself after the sauna session.
  8. Commercial saunas impose different rules regarding what to wear inside or if women and men and bath together in the same sauna or in different rooms.  Owning a residential sauna means taking sauna baths whenever and however you want.
  9. A normal sauna session consists of several steps:
  • a warm shower;
  • 15 minutes inside the sauna;
  • a cold shower;
  • minimum 10 minutes of rest.

Optionally, you can also swim a little into a pool before resting.

For people who have a high blood pressure or any heart disorder, it is not recommended to take a cold shower after a sauna session.

  1. Do not smoke inside the sauna and do not keep the door open for much time when entering because the heat will come out, bothering the other members inside.
  2. Do not behave amorously and do not engage yourself in any sexual activity.
  3. If you feel that you lose your balance, get out of the sauna. Do not force yourself to stay inside more than your body allows you.
  4. After you get out of the sauna, drink some mineralized water or even some beer to keep your hydration level. Take are not to make any alcohol excess.
  5. When your body doesn’t sweat anymore, you can get dressed.

If you follow these simple tips, you will see that sauna baths are more beneficial and relaxing than you have ever thought.

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