Western red cedar-the best softwood on the market

You started building a sauna, patio deck, gazebo or greenhouse and you are looking for the best softwood one can find? I can offer you the solution right now, is the Western red cedar. Every craftsman knows that this type of wood is considered a high quality material, used to make high quality wood products.

This Pacific cedar or shinglewood has the lowest density ever and his resistance to paint and durability make the Western red cedar the most used material for wood products.

It is incredibly light and impermeable to liquids because of its natural oils that determine water to stay out.  And its big advantage is that, by being so light, it can be handled in any way: cutting, sawing, screwing, boring, nailing, gluing, mortising or staining.

Western red cedar can come in different colors, from a pale straw color to a reddish pink. Together with its distinctive smell and fine texture, this type of soft wood is a marvelous material to use for saunas, especially when you can use it in high humidity areas or bad weather conditions.

You can use Western red cedar for any purpose; even native North Americans used it for their totem poles or lodges. So, if you are looking for the best type of wood for your sauna, do not think twice.

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