Chimney inspection tips

Inspecting your chimney at least once a year is crucial. The build-up of soot, blocks caused by birds, nests and other debris are common problems of a chimney that affect smoke elimination efficiency.

Know your chimney

Not all chimneys need the same cleaning.

Each time, the inside of a chimney will surely need more cleaning than the outside. Also, if a chimney is used often, even daily, it should be inspected 5-6 times a year.


You must look for any flaws of the chimney when inspecting it. The build-up of creosote and soot must be cleaned and any leaks and gaps in the chimney bricks must be fixed.

Chimney access

Access to the chimney is given either by a door, that is usually at the base of the chimney  or by removing a section of the stovepipe so that you can access the chimney flue easier. Using a mirror to look up the chimney is the easiest way of inspection, but is the least effective.

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