Flue liners affect chimney draft

The chimney draft is affected by the size and material of the flue liner. When replacing a flue liner or building a new chimney, you must have the correct dimensions not to affect the chimney draft.


A flue liner with the proper dimensions will make sure that the chimney draft will work as it should and move the gases and smoke upwards and out of the chimney


For a proper chimney draft the space must be small to increase its effectiveness, but still, large enough so that a large quantity of smoke and gas can escape rapidly.

Health related tips

A proper chimney draft will be beneficial for you and your family’s health. The carbon monoxide and dioxide produced during the burning process is toxic and mustn’t be inhaled. The draft assures you that these gases won’t enter your house and will be eliminated through the chimney.


An flue liner with the wrong dimensions will affect the chimney draft. This happens because the wrong dimensions will allow the water to condense and freeze in the flue, damaging it over time and making it crack. In this case, you may need to repair the chimney flue or even worse, construct a new one.

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