Designing custom chimney caps

A chimney cap is used to keep out debris and small animals from entering the chimney. Also, it prevents birds from nesting on top of the chimney and blocking it. When designing such an item, keep in mind that a simple design and some measurements will assure you a functional and efficient chimney cap.

Tools and materials needed

  • Drawing board and pencils
  • Tape measure marked in centimeters
  • Notebook or tape recorder

Flue top dimensions

You must measure the dimensions of the mortar crown base, right where it narrows below the flue. After measuring the height and width, add 1 and a half inches to the measurements and those will be the dimensions for the mounting flange. If you have more than one flue, you need to design the cap so that it surrounds them all.

Flue top height

To assure that ventilation is not affected, the chimney cap must be 4 inches higher than even the highest flue.

Sketch the cap

The last thing you have to make an elaborate sketch of the chimney cap, that includes the mesh walls too.

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