How to install a basement window well

Windows wells are made to permit sunlight to enter your basement, while keeping the soil and water flow out of your basement.


You can buy custom made window wells to enhance the look of your home. You can also buy prefabricated window wells, which are a lot cheaper and can be found in many shapes and sizes.

Just to know, a window well must be wide as the basement window and needs to protrude at least 3 feet from the wall foundation.

Now, it’s time to determine the elevation of the window well. You need to consider the fact that the top of the well need to be at least 6 inches from the bottom of the siding, and 2-3 inches above the grade. Next, dig out the ground for the window well.

For better drainage, you can connect the drain system of the window well to the existing drainage system.

After you have dug the trench, place the window well in position and mark its position on the foundation walls. Use a drill to make the necessary holes. Then secure the well to the foundation. Back fill the space around the well with gravel.

Drainage system

It’s very important that the window well should drain well, or else all the water from the drain will end up in your basement. the best way to prevent this is by linking the window well to your main drainage system. Use pipe and connector to link the two systems.

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