Floor drain grate cover types

These floor drain grates are used in different places, so they impose different requirements. This is why they can be found in every shape, size or any other specification from the user. They are classified according their type.

Steel covers

Because of the economic demands, these floor grate covers have standard designs. Their pattern lids are under braced and the amount of load that can be borne is strictly related to their dimensions. They can be found in single and double locking mechanisms, which offer a higher safety because they can’t be broken very easily. For their manufacture, polypropylene is used and the galvanization is made according to the BSEN ISO 1461 standards.

Iron covers

Their strength can be a useful thing when they are used on the highways and the followed standard is BS 7903. Because of the ductile iron that is used, they can carry heavy loads. Being used in industrial locations, these grates have an advantage for being silent and stable.

HDPE In-Line Drainage covers

In their manufacture it is used HDPE, steel or ductile iron and these materials offer some qualities like light weight. Because of the standards they meet, the drains can be used for buildings, structures and roads. The non breakability is the best feature, making them a good choice for work environments with acids and high degrees of temperature.

Linear Channel Drainage covers

These grates can be found in two different types. The first one is used for domestic loads and the other one for heavy industrial loads. They are developed with polymer concrete, they are used at a large scale because everyone can choose the size needed, in other words can be custom-designed. Along with the core piece, the package comes with a lot of accessories to assure a complete finish.

Manholes are used for protective covering of the drainage systems and can be found mainly in the same categories. With the help of some lids, they can be lifted easily and replaced. Cleaning and maintenance are regular activities, so these drain grates need good quality or else they will break.

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