Tips for digging a French drain

French drains are maybe the best solution for having installed a drainage system in your yard. It it easy to install and you will not need special tools for the project. Here are a few tips on how to make a French drain.

Utility pipes

Before starting to dig the trench for the drain, you will need to go to your local authorities and see if there are any buried utility pipes like gas pipes, water pipes, power or telephone lines.

Trench width

If you want a more effective drain trench then you will need to dig it a little wider. A 8-12 inches wide trench will also be easier to dig. Because it can withstand a higher water volume, it will drain more effectively. It can also withstand clogging better.

Beginning to dig

The best way to begin digging your drain trench is by starting from the lowest point. This way you can easily change the route of the trench if you find yourself in trouble with digging out roots or rocks.

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