Choosing Shrubs For Wet Areas

If you live in a wet climate region but want to take up gardening, raising and caring for them might prove a bit difficult. Most ornamental plants can’t grow in excess moist without proper drainage; but don’t worry – there are plants and shrubs that actually love moisture so choose one or more of these and you will have the garden you dream of and, the same time, little to worry about their health.

The Button bush, for example, can be found growing near lakes and rivers, so the moist soil in your garden will actually be a benefit for this plant which fills the air with its flowers’ fragrance.

The Black Twinberry will beautify your garden in spring with its interesting tubular yellow flowers and berries in autumn, black with red bracts. It is best if it’s kept in partial shade, though it can tolerate full shade as well.

If you prefer something lively, the Tartarian Dogwood and Silky Dogwood will amaze you with its colourful foliage, white blooms and, later on, black fruit. These specimen of Dogwood cannot tolerate dry soil so you’re at an advantage!

Other fruit/berry bearing moist tolerant shrubs include the Common Snowberry – best kept in partial shade to full sun, Winterberry Hollies – one of the most sought after, is best kept in partial shade/full sunlight and the female plant bears red berries – Red Elderberry, which also bears bright red berries, Salmonberry – a deciduous shrub which can tolerate any level of sunlight and bloom beautiful pink or purple-red flowers.

And let’s not forget about Inkberry shrubs, a popular choice because of its attractive white blooms, persistent black berries and evergreen leaves, and the Black Chokeberry – with its red berries and dark green foliage which also turns red in autumn.

Indian Plum is also an option; it grows up to 15 feet high and blooms small white-green flowers, bearing small purple stone fruits. Or the deciduous and hardy Pacific Ninebark, with beautiful white dome-shaped flowers from May to July.

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