Pruning Barberry Shrubs

Barberries get their name because of the thorny “barbs” and wiry branches; they make good fencing plants or boundaries also because are woody and hard and they require little maintenance. They produce fruits or berries, their foliage comes in different colours, from green to yellow or burgundy and during spring they bloom fragrant yellow flowers, making them a good landscaping choice. They have a slow growth rate, some grow up to 10 feet but there are dwarf species as well.

Pruning should be done to keep their shape and to promote a better growth and blooming – it is recommended that you trim them after they’re planted. It should be done yearly, after they’ve fruited, during autumn or winter. Dead branches should be removed during summer.

Wear your safety glasses and protective gloves – remember they have thorns, and start pruning to the shape you want. You can use a plastic drop cloth and nylon rope to secure the branches that get in your way. Check for new sprouts of plants or weeds and pull them out from the roots. Put the waste in a drag bag to avoid new growth.

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