Types of Shrubs For Shade

Shrubs are dwarf trees with multiple stems and they can be a great addition to your garden, as hedges, privacy screens or just central pieces, whether flowering or non-flowering.

However, if your garden is shaded and you haven’t found something both beautiful and adaptable to shade to adorn it with, don’t fret, we have just the thing for you – shrubs for shade, starting with the all famous flower bearing Honeysuckle to the popular Boxwood.

Honeysuckle is not even demanding as it can adapt to any kind of soil as long as it is placed in partial shade.

There are many types to choose from, but they’re all fragrant and bloom small bell-shaped flowers – some even bear berries. Since we’ve mentioned berries, a berry shrub good for shade is the Winterberry with bright red berries which make this shrub an excellent choice for winter gardens. Although is grows rather slowly, it is a very resistant plant, good for drainage problems as well.

Hydrangea is one of the favorites for shade; highly ornamental, this plant can be found in most parks and gardens, with clustered flowers covering the entire shrub. It likes well-drained, moist soil.

An excellent evergreen ground cover choice is the Lonicera Piliata, which can tolerate shade and develop nicely in it. It is low maintenance and can adapt to even cold or heavy soil.

Mostly used in woodland gardens, the perennial Goat’s Beard has bright green foliage and stark white flowers which need a lot of room and water to thrive.

Boxwood is an important addition to your garden as it can enhance its beauty accentuating the flowers or the shape of your garden as a hedge. It has dense, light green foliage, does not grow fast and pruning is easy and needs well-drained soil or its roots will rot.

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