Choosing Privacy Shrubs for Your Garden

If you prefer the natural look over the hardscape fences (made of wood, concrete or vinyl) try fast growing privacy shrubs which will not only further enhance the beauty of your garden, but it will serve its initial purpose as well.

Some of the fast growing species include the Redtwig Dogwood, which is a sight to see because of the contrast of its red tipped branches and green foliage, the Dwarf Pink Almond, a deciduous shrub with double pink blossoms which needs pruning after every blossoming season, the Nikko Blue Hydrangea, with round blue flowers and big leaves ideal for screening purposes, and the Forsythia, a deciduous yellow flowering shrub which can grow up to 30 feet tall and 20 feet wide if left un-pruned.

However, most all of these fast growing tall shrubs lose their foliage at some point so you might want to consider some evergreen species, though not as fast growing.

Tall evergreen shrubs good for privacy are the Emerald Arborivitae, with dense foliage and low maintenance demands which makes it an ideal choice, and the Irish Juniper, another tall column shaped shrub with bluish dense foliage. But don’t forget the Sweet Olive with broad leaves and fragrant flowers or the Little Red Holly with dense foliage good for shaping any way you like, a good privacy shrub as long as you don’t need a very tall screen.

Another shrub with dense growth and no leaf loss in winter is the Red Tip Photinia which gives a remarkable red hue to your garden.

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