Choosing Flowering Shrubs For Your Garden

If you want to add a bit of color and interest to your garden then flowering shrubs are the way to go! If you prepare well, mixing different types, then you can have flowers in your garden no matter the season. As there are so many you can choose from, you should do a bit of research on how to care of them before you start planting.

In the shade you can plant Mountain-laurels which grow up to 6-8 feet and will add beautiful flowers to your garden with plenty color combinations to choose from.

If the area is only partially shaded then the Japanese Kerrias is a fine choice and they can be planted in groups or as an ornamental border bringing color to the scenery with its bright yellow flowers. A small shrub which does well in many different conditions is Annabelle.

For sunlight spaces you can go with Hibiscus with big flowers (dark red, purple, white, pink or yellow), Lilac, which can be pruned in any shape and used as focal points here and there, and Gardenia, which is a good plant for novices. The Gardenia is a hardy, evergreen flowering shrub with glossy green leaves and pearly flowers. Azalea is another species with many color patterns and beautiful spring flowers but it needs full sun exposure.

The Hydrangea is a curious plant whose flower colors are determined by the soil, the Regent Serviceberry is a small growing shrub with small whitish flowers and the White or Purple Butterfly Bush is a good choice when it comes to fall flowering shrubs – its flowers will attract various butterflies and insects.

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