Ideas for decorating your garden

Taking care of a garden is not a task, but a pleasure. Or at least, that is how it should be. There is nothing hard that has to be done and the results come in the shape of magnificent flowers, colors, smells.

Just water the plants, satisfy their elementary needs and give them nutrients when necessary.

It all starts with a plan, including the decoration of your garden. Think at landscaping because it brings beauty and an effect of coolness. If you grow plants vertically you will have a lot of greenery in the area. Kids would love a fairy theme garden achieved with fairy wind chimes, statues, fountains, small houses. To follow the trend make a water garden with a pool, in which you grow water lilies, lotus and fishes.

Another aspect is the décor. Here are a few ideas for you.
Consider having wind chimes for their relaxing effect. It keeps birds away from the fruits and vegetables in the garden if it’s well placed.
Furniture made with the help of trees is a must for a comfortable place. Attach hammocks to the trunk or put a bench like in parks.
For those garden walls choose paint in vibrant colors or draw natural motifs. A nice touch is brought by the presence of a tree house or chess set in a giant size, just like in Alice in Wonderland.
The sunlight is useful even during night because it powers up those solar lights that would look fancy in the garden. Or go with solar fountains.
A practical option is growing plant in pots. You can move them around and change the look of the garden at any time.
Even artificial flowers are a solution. Flowers are not permanent, but the fake silk one are and they are not bad looking.
Go to sleep in the presence and the smell of night flowers like moonflower or evening primrose, moon vine, night-blooming cereus.
It’s hard to imagine nature without water. So bring a waterfall or garden fountain to complete the look of the green space. They bring relief in hot days and have a soothing effect.
The fence is the first thing you see when coming to the house. Be sure you are pleased with its color, model and height. Recommended materials are bamboo, vinyl, wood. Of course, it’s your choice and it depends also on your budget and needs.
A wire fence or redwood blocks as edges for borders are a detail worth to be taken care of. They can bring elegance to the overall look.

Remember, a good looking garden and a wonderfully maintained one is a joy for the eye of the beholder.

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