Shrubs With Yellow Flowers

Like white flowering shrubs, yellow flowering shrubs are amongst the favorite ones for landscaping because of the brightness they add to the garden.

The Forsythia is one of the most beautiful spring blooming shrubs, frequently seen planted in mass for a stunning effect; it’s deciduous in nature and it should be kept in well-drained soil and in full sunlight.

Similar in needs is the deciduous Potentilla Glod Drop which blooms throughout summer with buttercup flowers and should be provided plenty of water.

One of the most popular yellow flowering shrubs is the Yellow Butterfly Bush with clusters of sunny flowers in late summer; it has interesting long and dark leaves with silver accents, while the flowers are yellow, with round edged petals and pale orange center.

A prolific plant is the Yellow Azalea, with fragrant flowers that bloom in spring and autumn – it requires some pruning.

The Whitethorn Acacia produces fragrant lime yellow flowers, sphere shaped, that bloom from May to August.
Some of the most stunning flowers are produced by hybrid tea roses, pale yellow with a hint of orange at the tips of the petals. Though a tad difficult to care for, yellow roses produce rewarding results and you have many varieties to choose from, like the Midas touch, Chicago pace, Huston or Persian Yellow.

Other options include yellow oleander, yellow hydrangea, dream catcher bush, which can be planted with yellow flowering trees like the Chinese flame tree, Fragrant wintersweet or Japanese cornel dogwood.

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