Do it yourself - garden decorations

In this day in age anyone is hungry for a piece of land. We miss nature and nature misses us. So try to hold on to the garden you already have or try to obtain one.

If your green space needs a redo or maintenance hurry to offer it. It is very important that you feel comfortable and peaceful in it.

A key element is the decoration. So, here are some advices for you in order to choose the right set of objects.
Start by answering a few questions:
Do you want to create one focal point or several of them?
The elements will blend in the background or standout?
Is the created design suited for the garden?

The most important rule is to experiment and get out of the box. Don’t think you have to place everything in lines, in a certain order. It’s ok to use different styles, sizes.

There are different objects you can place in the garden, but we will mention a few of them. Most of them you can make them yourself.

Take for instance the bird feeders. Install one near colored flowers and wait for the lovely little flying friends to appear. This goes perfectly with houses for birds.

Plants can be planted in containers. They will give the flowers a different flair due to their diverse shapes and colors.

Go for pottery and urns. Old or new, they are a nice choice. Put a large model in center of a flower bed and you will clearly have an interesting focal view point.

A water structure is a key element in a decor like fountains, ponds that go very well in large spaces. Near such an object you can place sculptures.

Relax physically by staying on garden furniture. Choose between materials like wrought iron, wood, cane. The size must be in keeping with the overall look of the garden.

Your stepping ground can also be decorative and interesting. Create a pathway with stones, small pickets, and vegetable beds.

Light is very important. We try to postpone the arrival of the night and try to illuminate the garden. Lightning plays are very nice to use. Choose an eco solution: solar lighting systems.

You can think at hammocks, wind chimes, trellis, gates, and colored walls. Express your style and you will have a wonderful garden!

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