Choosing Flowering Bushes For Shade

Nature has provided us with many species of plants, beautiful both in bright sunlight or shade, so if your garden is generally low on sunlight or you have a patch and don’t know what to fill it with, we suggest flowering shrubs – “but how will they fare in shade?” you say; the answer is simple: flowering shrubs for shade, like Fuchsia with multicoloured flowers throughout spring and summer; this plant looks gorgeous when left falling in cascade form a barrel or something like that.

A fragrant very popular choice is the Japanese Pieris, with clusters of pink and white flowers in late winter or early spring, or you can go with Hydrangeas; there are climbing species of Hydrangea, but they all produce clusters of beautiful flowers. The interesting fact to note is that the colour of the flowers is influenced by soil and cultivar, but they generally like rich soils.

Annual pruning is necessary as the Hydrangea grows rather quickly.

Another beautiful flower bearing shrub, ideal for winter gardens is the Camelia which thrives in well-drained, acidic soil.

If you like how berries look or you don’t have much free time to do your gardening, consider the Red Chokeberry. It is low maintenance, bears small pink blooms and its fruit last throughout winter.

You can always plant more than one type of flowering shrub; some other species of shade loving flowering shrubs include the all known violets, Mountain laurel, Rose-of-Sharon, Autumn Purple Rhododendron and more.

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