Contorted Filbert Tree – About and How To?

The Contorted Filbert tree is a deciduous plant that can reach 15 feet in height and has contorted branches with thick mass of foliage and flowers. It’s one of those shrubs so unique in its appearance that it will change your garden completely for the better but before you plant one you should learn more about how to take care of it if you want it to stay healthy and produce its beautiful pale yellow flowers.

You should choose a disease resistant variety and check it when cleaning up the debris and watering it – only water it during the day.

Special fungicides should be applied, but otherwise it is an easy to take care of plant and the reward is substantial.

When planting it, the hole should be 3-4 times bigger than the root (make sure you don’t harm the root if you are transferring it from a pot), place the root with its best side facing forward then close the hole with soil, but don’t add too much foreign soil. Create a mound around the outer portion of the plant, thus making a water ring while encouraging the new shoots to grow outward. Lastly, mulch the water ring.

The plant should be kept in well-drained soil, with 3 to 6 hours of direct sunlight. Fertilization is essential, though done once every few years, and it should never be done late into the growing season (which happens from early to late spring); the soil should be checked for absent nutrients to establish if you need an all purpose fertilizer or a specific one.

Pruning should be done before spring and the bottom most twigs should be cut to avoid spreading onto the ground.

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