Evergreen Varieties of Shrubs

There are many species of shrubs which are evergreen and the reason for this is that they can adapt to low food supply. There are such plants for all types of soil so if you are a gardening enthusiast and live in a difficult climate don’t worry, you will surely find the plant for you.

If you’re looking for evergreen trees you can choose species of Cypress (like the Bald Cypress or the Drought Resistant Sapphire Cypress), Juniper (Blue Rug, Chinese Prickly Juniper, Black Juniper and others), Pine, Oak (Live or Holly), Eucalyptus (the Lemon Scented Eucalyptus is very interesting or the Silver Leaved Stringybark), Holly, Spruce (the White or Blue Nest Spruce), Fir (Silver, Greek, Sacred or Korean are just some examples) or one of the Thuja Occidentalis which are the one of the fastest growing evergreen trees (Emerald, Globe, Nigra or Techny are some examples).

But if it’s shrubs you are interested in, then you can choose from Holly or Junipers species of dwarf trees or even subshrubs, Rhododendron, Buxus (like the Korean Box, English Box or Green Gem), Azalea (which provides your garden with beautiful colours as well because of its flowers), Lily of the Velley-Pieris (from the Forest Flame to the Mountain Fire), Yew or others which don’t have subtypes like Magnolia, Camellia, Daphne, Hebe and so on.

You can choose non-flowering species if you want to keep your garden green and simple or go for a rainbow of colours.

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