Choosing Fast Growing Shrubs For Your Garden

If you want privacy and you fancy the idea of a live fence, then you should make your “homework” before choosing one. You should know he general height and width the plant reaches at maturity because it’s best if you choose a fast growing shrub which will grow up to about 7 feet to avoid regular pruning. This is also applicable to flowering shrubs – those of mature height of 3 feet should require less pruning.

One of the best solutions is the Privet, which can grow so fast it tends to be a bit invasive; the best result is achieved if it’s frequently pruned because this will thicken its foliage. You can also go for the Burning Bush which will give a blast of colour to your garden, the Diablo Ninebark or Hemlock.

Other popular choices are the Rosier Dogwood, because of its qualities as a medium-sized fence (7 to 9 feet tall), its beautiful red stems and white flowers during late spring (it even bears fruit), and the Leyland Cypress which grows about 4 feet each year and comes in different foliage colours.

An easy to care for shrub is the Lilac which will also reward you with a beautiful fragrance during blooming season, while the Butterfly Bush will help reduce the general noise and attract many butterflies and humming birds during blooming season. An old-fashioned choice is the Mock Orange and Yew, or you could go with Loropetalum and Forsythia.

There are plenty to choose from, so choose one that fits your gardening habits and taste.

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