Types of arbors

An arbor archway could be a great look for your garden. Arbors are a must-have landscaping tool that are both beautiful and practical. An arbor is also called a lattice and it is used to put up clinging plants and vines.

A beautiful effect is established if you surround the arbor with flowering plants such as climbing rose plants or a grape vine. A trellis can be used to create a tunnel or a gateway in the garden and features in a lot of landscaping designs. This gardening piece can also be used to form a relaxing seating area for barbecues or outdoor parties. Arbors can also play a part in wedding ceremonies and they are preferred in the great majority of home organized weddings. Such trellises that are used in marriage ceremonies are very intricately made, as required by the event. The appearance of your home garden will be greatly changed by the presence of such an arbor, if the decor is set correctly.

Some carpentry knowledge is necessary in order to build a good quality trellis, however the process is not very difficult. Moreover, to build an arbor, power tools will be required so a familiarity with such tools is recommended. The first step would be choosing a design that you like and checking out some plans. One of the most popular types of wood used to build a trellis is red cedar, because it is a strong wood and does not weigh a lot. Red cedar is very resistant in all weather conditions and it is easy to mold to the design you want.

An arbor can be a great gateway to your home garden, especially if you add a note of mystery by hanging ivy on the trellis. When paired with a crisscrossed wood work panel that can support ivy vines, the arbor gets an intricate look. In order to obtain more color for this particular part of your garden plant some rose bushes or other flowers. A bird house can also have an interesting impact when decorating an arbor.

Another popular design is the round trellis that also includes a sitting area. With vines handing from the top of the arbor it will look lovely in the middle of any garden. This area can be a regular getaway, especially if an elevated deck is built inside the structure that you can access with the help of a small staircase.
A tunnel shaped arbor is also a good design for your yard, in order to connect two different areas. This type or arbor is not that difficult to build up. You will only be required to dig a couple of holes that you use to put up two poles that are connected afterwards on top. On this structure you can hang some vine plants to form a curtain.

Besides these types of wood based arbors, metal structures have become more and more popular in landscaping projects. Such a structure is more enduring and resilient in the long run than wood arbors.

For instance, in order to build an arbor for a grape vine, you will need to plan a sturdy frame that can support the grapes as they grow and place it in a well sunlit area. Another idea for a landscaping design is a deck arbor where you only need to have a sturdy structure with some basic design elements and a minimum of carpenter skills. Moreover, some great designs contain a door for the arbor.

When planning to build an arbor, keep in mind that you will need plenty of free time over the weekend and pay close attention to all the safety measures implied.

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