Decorate a small garden

Even a small garden can be decorated in creative, simple ways. Follow and implement the idea below, whatever suits you and you will have a changed garden in no time.

Begin with a plan.

Search ideas and then pick the one that satisfies your needs and goes well with the space. What is the purpose of having the garden? To relax, entertain, exercise, and grow plants? Combine elements to achieve an ambiance and that go well together.

Use the garden for privacy. Install a fence, from simple to complicated models. If you go for a simple design, you can install afterwards a vegetable trellis and climbing plants. Even shrubs are an option, but choose the ones that grow tall.

Add a touch of classic with garden furniture. The most popular model is the wicker or cast iron furniture. They are great for tight budgets. The cast iron type goes well with a fireplace. Either way, if you don’t place chairs, tables, be sure to have at least a relaxing chair in the middle of nature.

Go for quality, not quantity. A lot of garden ornaments can crowd the space. Choose a few big objects. How about a pond or a statue? If you have a narrow zone that connects 2 parts of the green space why not place a small bridge, with rocks under? A great effect has a fountain. Pick bold, interesting ideas.

As we were speaking about less quantity, the same philosophy applies to plants. Have a garden with flowers, of one type and one or a few colors. The garden mirror can help finish the look. Don’t forget about outdoor lighting: it can create the sensation of grandness and space.

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