How And When to Trim Bushes?

In every garden or landscape we find bushes or shrubs as they are ideal as hedges, borders and screening, some even as focus points or general green background. Trimming and pruning is an important part of shrub maintenance and while most can tolerate it at any time, doing it in spring or fall is best practice or the specific time mentioned in the care instructions. This helps the shrub keep healthy or in the desired shape.

Other important aspects of trimming, besides timing, are equipment and technique; never start the process without taking proper precautions – wear your safety gear, especially gloves and glasses! Equipment is important because you can cause damage to your beautiful plants if the instruments are blunt or too small and you have to make the cut in multiple tries. As for technique, if you start by trimming a little at a time, from the top middle part then outwards, you will be able to shape it evenly. Removing dead or diseased parts is a must for the recovery of the plant.

When done, collect the waste into a garbage bag or use them as compost but never leave them there – it is not only unsightly but also infestation prone.

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