About weeds

Weed-Free Garden

(ARA) –  Weeds have been a danger for crop lands for a long time. Learning some basic things about weeds can give you an advantage in order to destroy them for ever.

Weed types

There is a huge number of weeds from which only 25-30 are common in maintained turf.

They differ in what concerns the size of the leaves and also their life span. The majority of weeds, called annuals, grows and lives for a single year and dies after flowering. However, there are also varieties of weeds, called perennials, which can live more than one season and continue to reappear as many times as the conditions allow it.

The most effective way of killing a weed

Even if most of the people pull weeds in order to get rid of them, this method is not effective. In order to be sure you won’t have any problems, especially with the perennial weeds, you need to destroy the whole root system.

More easily it would be to prevent the weeds from growing, so you won’t have to work so much. Using an herbicide, such as Preen, can give you a three months weed free period of. The herbicide needs to be used during the growing season and all you have to do is to water it.

Weeds die naturally

The answer is both true and false, depending on the weed. The answer is true for annual weeds, but there can be situations in which weeds appear year after year, depending on the weather conditions.

The answer is false for perennial weeds, because they can resist for several years, storing nutrients from the soil in their root systems. Because of this, they can survive even if their tops are destroyed.

Weeds – part of gardening

Weed seeds are airborne being spread all over the place, by animals, humans or insects. These seeds can be found even in places where you think the least of looking for, in your lawnmower.

In order to get rid of all weeds, it’s better to use a weed preventer instead of a weed killer. This way you can stay calm that new weeds won’t appear at all.

Harmful weeds

The statement ’’weeds are ugly’’ refer strictly to the problems that they cause and not thinking about how they look, because weeds can be in some way attractive.

Certain weeds can be very dangerous for everyone, like poison ivy, sand bur and thistle which in many cases they cause different skin problems.

Very important to think about, are the damages weeds create in your garden. They use all the water and useful nutrients for your flowers, leaving behind something that nobody wants in his own garden.

Weed killing products

With so many herbicides available on the market, using the right one can be that hard to do. If one doesn’t work, is obvious you need to try another.

There is a huge difference between pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides. The first one is used before the weeds appear and kill them from the start, while the other one works only for weeds that have already started to grow.

Herbicides can also be of two types: selective or non-selective. The selective ones kill only those weeds which are specified on them. The non-selective ones kill every type of weeds with the condition of handling them carefully in order not to destroy anything else.

Available are also combination products. Preen’s Green, from the American Rose Society offers nutrition combined with weed prevention. This is useful because it helps you skip some work in order to have a flourishing garden.

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