Azaleas in a landscape

We all want a garden or even a walkway full of flowers and color. Have you ever heard of azaleas? Well, if you didn’t it’s time to learn about them and if you know this type of flower, you must know that they are have an abundance of beauty and colors like pink, deep orange, white, lavender, red, purple. For cold and hot weather, nova zembla azalea is a great option.

Azaleas reach high heights, up to 8 feet, needing space where they can grow. So, they can be a great choice for a privacy fence or shrub boarders. Make sure that the soil has a 5.5 pH or even lower. You can add sulfur to make it more acidic. Prepare the ground, till it, add fertilizer or compost.

You can choose rounded plants or just cut the leaves and branches when they die. Their foliage has an oval shape.

Choose for the walkway the Girard with orange, red, purple flowers, or the gumpo, Nancy of robin Hill, Komo Kulshan. All of these wonderful types of azaleas reach a height between 2 and 4 feet. Of course, if you prefer even smaller ones you can find them.

Don’t think azaleas are only suited to go alone in your landscape. They mix well with other plants like trees or shrub species. Plant them with a space of 3 feet between so they can have room to grow. You can plant them in a row or place the small azaleas around a tree in the middle of the garden.

Of course, you can find more ideas in how to place the flowers. For example, plant azaleas throughout the garden and make pathways from rocks to lead you in a tour of the space. Feel free to use different materials like stones or other adornments to enrich the landscape.

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