Which Flowers to Plant in Spring

Spring is when everything comes to life including your garden which starts to bloom in a rainbow of colours, with flowers you have planted in autumn. To enjoy such beauty later on as well, during early autumn, you will need to start preparing by planting flowers in spring. Make sure the bulbs you buy are not damaged in any way; they usually need sunshine and well-drained soil and can be kept in pots or planted outdoors.

Lilies are one of the most popular flowers to shower your garden with colour, as well as Chrysantheumum which should be planted during early spring and watered thoroughly.

In late spring you can plant Daffodils, either indoors or outdoors, and the big-flowered Autumn Crocus, with pink, lavender and white petals close to the ground.

Other well-known fall flowering plants are Dianthus, which should be kept in sunlight, Helenium, similar to daisies but taller, and the Gladiolus which love sunshine and should be planted in clusters.

Let’s not forget Dahlia which bears huge flowers and likes well-drained soil and shade. Of course there are many other species of fall flowering plants which should be planted in spring, from Allium to Iris, lilac, pansies and primroses, from pansies and Forget me Not to Spring Snowflake.

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