Environmentally friendly weeding

Every garden owner knows that weeds are the biggest problem of all. There are many ways of getting rid of weeds, without using poisons or chemicals.

Weeding manually

Weeding by hand is efficient but labor intensive.

All you have to do is take a pair of garden gloves and a weeder tool. Most weeds will come out pretty easy, whilst others will come out if you use a hoe. Hoeing is also good for the soil, because it loosens and aerates it. Weeding by hand must be done preferably early in the spring when they are still young and easy to pull out.

Using mulch

Use mulch to prevent the growth of weeds. After planting your bed, lay down 2 – 3 inches of mulch. The weeds will not only be less likely to grow but if they do, they will be much easier to pull out.

Burning weeds

If you want to get rid of a large area of weeds for re-landscaping or anything else, you can use the sun to burn the weeds. First you have to cut the weeds and then till and water the soil. Place a resistant piece of black plastic over the soil (garbage bags). Place rocks on the corners so that it stays into place. Leave it so for 5 -6 weeks so it will dry out. This way, you will get rid of the seeds and the plant pathogens too. Before planting in that area, be sure to rake the soil and remove any leftovers in the area (weeds and seeds).

Using  Non-chemical herbicides

Corn gluten and vinegar are efficient and environmentally friendly, natural weed killers. Corn gluten doesn’t let seeds to grow so it mustn’t be used on areas of the lawn where you plan on planting anything. Vinegar simply has to be sprayed on the weeds to do its job. Another alternative can be pouring boiled water on the weeds.

Removing the whole weed

If you want to remove the whole weed, you must dig deep to get out all the roots. Be careful not to spread seeds when working with the weeds. That’s why it’s best you do this in the spring, before the weeds dry out.

Weeding tips

  1. Do not leave the weeds you pulled out of the ground lying around, because they will probably sprout again. Throw them at the bin.
  2. Weeds pulled out of the ground mustn’t be put in compost, because they can thrive inside the compost and take over the lawn if spread.
  3. Do not leave vast areas of lawn without any plants. These areas are perfect grounds for weeds because they are full of nutrients. You must plant a ground cover to crowd the weeds out.
  4. Inspect your garden frequently for weeds in the spring and destroy them all.
  5. Consult a specialist on gardening if you don’t want to use landscape fabric to cover your lawn.
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