Caring For Your Bonsai Treeb

Creating bonsai is an art and in Japanese it means miniaturized potted tree.

The process requires careful shaping, pruning of the crown and trunk and watering and it can be done to any plant that can branch out.

Just like you and me, bonsai trees, really plants in general, have needs based on their natural environment.

The key to good caring of a bonsai is understanding these needs and meet them. Because of their small stature, there are things that can ruin the balance of your small potted friend, so do not over or under-water it.

Remember that your bonsai is an outdoors lover – it was “born” outside, wasn’t it? But make sure you understand just how much it should be kept outside and in what conditions.

Treat them to occasional music and conversation and you might see a change for the better.

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