Herbicides protect your lawn

To protect your garden from weeds and make it look good, use a herbicide. First you must choose the right type of herbicide to maximize its effectiveness.

Types of herbicides

Herbicides have different uses.

Some are made to kill only certain types of weeds, while others kill everything they come in contact with. If you want to protect the plants around the weeds you will need to use a specific herbicide. But if you want to clear a large area of any plants, you will choose the non-specific herbicide.

Pre-emergent herbicides

This type of herbicide is used to avoid the sprouting of the weeds in the first place. When applied, it acts as a barrier which suffocates the weed seeds and kills them before they germinate. Aerating the soil may render the barrier of the weed killer useless, so try avoiding it. To activate the weed killer, water the lawn lightly. Be sure not to apply this type of weed killer to newly planted or sodded lawns.

Post-emergent herbicides

This type of herbicide is used when the weeds have already grown. It will attack the roots of the weeds, thus killing them. It is effective against most common weeds but has trouble killing weeds with deeper root systems like the quack grass.

Applying on time

Pre-emergent herbicides must be applied early in the spring, when the temperature is under 60 degrees. This way, the seeds will not germinate and grow.

Post-emergent herbicides must be applied when the temperature is between 60 and 90 degrees. This herbicide must be applied a few times over the course of the summer. Applying this weed killer in late autumn will prevent weeds from growing in spring. To increase effectiveness, water the lawn often and leave the grass longer than you usually do.

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