Garden irrigation design tips

A large garden requires a stable or a moveable irrigation system to assure the required water. Small gardens can be watered using a hand watering can or a large bucket.

Sprinkler system

Used on either large or small gardens, the sprinkler irrigation system is very versatile.

The sprinkler head can be connected to a garden hose that delivers water. The typical sprinkler system lets out a waterfall like spray of water.

Soaker hose system

The soaker hose is a holed hose that is connected to a garden hose which delivers water directly to the roots of the plant. It is more efficient than a sprinkler system and more economic, as water isn’t lost through evaporation. To cut the irrigation process, you simply have to disconnect the garden hose from the water source.

Underground system

Small gardens are perfect areas for drip irrigation systems. You need to dig small trenches in the ground and set the drip irrigation lines into them. Connect the system emitters and than attach the system to a garden hose. Some systems need to be removed in wintertime, whilst other can withstand the cold. It depends on the model

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