Regular garden watering

The drip irrigation system is the most effective way of assuring a proper quantity of water for your plants. This system has many more advantages over the spray top irrigation systems and garden hoses.

Start off by installing a back flow preventer connecting it to the outdoor faucet.

The drip irrigation system makes water flow slowly, thus the back flow preventer is needed to prevent water from going back into the main water source. Attach the pressure regulator to the back flow preventer in order to regulate the pressure level of the drip hose.

A water filter must be attached to the pressure regulator. The filter keeps any chemicals from clogging the holes of the hose. Clean the filter each month. Use a tubing adapter to secure the drip hose. Place the hose around the plants that need irrigation. Use stakes to pin down the house. It will secure it in place. Test the system by turning the water on and regulating the pressure around 44 lbs. per square inch.

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