About drip irrigation systems

The drip irrigation system has many advantages over other systems. It is easy to install, fairly cheap and because the water goes directly to the root of the plants,  it help them grow much healthier.  Also, water isn’t wasted in anyway because it doesn’t evaporate in the air like in the case of air-bound irrigation systems.

While some drip irrigation systems use small sprinklers to release the water, most use flexible tubes. You can choose from 4 common types of drip irrigation systems:

Porous soaker hose system

Used commonly for garden beds, shrubs and hedges, this irrigation system is easy to install and use. This system is also very environmentally friendly, being made of recycled car tires that have many small holes that release water.

Emitter drip system

This irrigation system is commonly used for landscapes with shrubs. It consists of several hoses throughout the garden that have an emitter for each 15 inches of hose. The emitters release small quantities of water onto the soil. Be careful, as emitters can clog easily.

Watermatic drip system

One of the most efficient irrigation systems, the watermatic drip system minimizes water evaporation. It uses micro spray heads to provide water to the plants. It is a system that functions very well with recycled water.

Micro misting sprinklers

Used for vineyards, orchards but also backyards, the micro misting sprinkler system is an economical system, that offers each individual plant the optimum amount of water needed for it to grow healthy. Also, they are very cost effective. A single impact sprinkler can cost as much as 40 micro sprinklers. This system is easy to use and economical, but it requires some gardening planning if the herbicides you use need to be applied with a sprinkler, because the drip sprinklers, can’t handle such a task efficiently.

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