Greenhouse irrigation system

The best irrigation system to use for a greenhouse is the drip irrigation system. It is the most efficient of all and even if it is different depending on the brand, the installation process is relatively the same.

Main hose

The main house represents the water feeding source of the whole irrigation system.

First of all you need to attach the hose to the flow prevention valve. Make sure it is tightly fit. After that, a 1/2 inch diameter tube needs to be attached to the fitting using a locking ring. The tube must enter the fitting as far as it can go. Tighten the locking ring over the tube rotating it counterclockwise.


The tubing is the component that delivers the water to the plants. It must be placed on the path you want the water to flow. If you want the tube to branch into more segments, use T shaped fittings. Flush out the faucet to eliminate any debris that might be inside.

Misting stake

The misting stakes are the ones that perform the actual watering. Settle on where to place them and then use a punching tool to make a hole in the respective area. Place the barbed end of the misting stake inside the hole and then place the stake into the ground using a rubber mallet.

Finishing touches

Attach the end fitting to the tubingĀ  and shut the hose tight folding it over and though the fitting hole. Check if the system works properly by turning on the water. Purchase any spare components if you need to repair the system.

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