Automatic plant irrigation

An automatic plant irrigation system, allows plant watering without the need of your presence. These systems are greatly superior to traditional watering methods.


An automatic irrigation system saves water, reduces ground pollutants and reduces greatly the time you need to spend in your garden, worrying about watering the plants.


You can choose from 2 main automatic irrigation systems. Those that rely on electrical current to function and those that collect and redistribute rainwater on the right areas.


Hose timers can be bought pretty much at any gardening store at relatively low prices and can be used for sprinklers and drip irrigation systems. They allow the water to be turned on and off each time it is needed. You will spend a lot less time in the garden, making it almost maintenance free. You can also install professional timed sprinklers.

Rain sensors

The rain sensors help regulate the amount of water distributed by the sprinklers. This helps avoid unnecessary water waste due to water already being on the lawn because of a rain.

Rain collector

Using rain to irrigate an area is a very effective method. You must build the garden in the lowest area of the yard in order to assure that it will all gather down in the garden. Containers can also be used to collect the rainwater and help distribute it along the garden.

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