Automatic homemade watering system

A sprinkler system can assure a pleasant, green and healthy lawn and garden while still conserving some quantities of water.

You need to pay some serious attention to your sprinkler system. This is why you have to start off by attaching a back flow preventer to the main water source.

It will prevent any chemicals and fertilizers from entering the main water supply.

Connect a timer to the back flow preventer. It helps release the water at specific times of the day. Some more complex timers an be set at different times while still functioning on a basic timer that controls the main hose once a day.

Connect a pressure regulator to the system timer to reduce the water pressure of the system to 10-12 psi and protect your hose from damage. Attach a garden hose to the pressure regulator. It will deliver the water to the soaker hose.

Use a maximum of 100 feet of soaker hose and distribute it around the garden. Loop it around plants and shrubs and snake it across the garden area making sure nothing interrupts the hose and the flow of water. Never position the hose uphill.

Use split connectors to attach several soaker hoses to the main garden hose and make sure to space them apart about 12-28 inches in sandy soil and 18-24 in clay soil. The soaker hose should function two times a week for about 30 minutes. Inspect the soil 24 hours after watering to see if it moistens properly and if the water penetrates the soil deep enough. If needed, readjust the timer so that it waters the garden more often or less often.

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