Outdoor patio designs


A outdoor patio is a great space to sit and relax or spend some time with the family. There are a few facts you need to take into consideration.

The patio can be small, to accommodate two people or large, for a big group of people.

If you opt for a sixty inch round table, you will need at least fifteen feet of space to assure a comfortable stay and access to the rest of the furniture. A decent patio is about 300 square feet large.

The patio must resemble the rest of the house. Keep the design simple but elegant. Make the patio blend in.

Pavement material of choice seems to be the colored concrete. It can have patterns that make its overall look more pleasant. If you wish to use natural stone, travertine pavement pieces is the way to go. They are real stones, cut into regular shape. Bluestone is another good choice, that can come in regular or irregular shapes.

If the door is higher than 8 inches from the patio ground, you can install a landing step followed by a few smaller steps that let you get on the patio ground. Make the decent as lean as possible.

Acquiring a seat wall is a good idea if you want more room for food and drinks and an easier way of getting extra sitting.

Adding a pond, a sculpture or even a bird bath fountain, will enhance the overall look and feel of the patio. Also, having pergola or trellis to provide shade is a good idea.

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