About chimney brushes

If you wish to purchase a new chimney brush you have to take into considerations a few things. There’s a wide range of brushes you can choose from.

Proper brush shape

To purchase the right brush you need to choose the proper shape, depending on the shape of your chimney which can be round, rectangular or square.

If your chimney has an irregular shape, just buy a simple brush and trim it to the right shape. If you prefer something more professional, you can order an irregular shaped brush online, but it will be more pricey.

Proper brush size

Before you purchase a brush, you need to measure the inner dimensions of your chimney. Look for a brush that matches those dimensions. Most likely you won’t find an exact fit, but you can always choose a slightly larger brush than the one you need, which you can trim down to size or use as it is for a more thorough cleaning.

Proper brush material

Depending on the scale of the cleaning needed, you will choose a different type of brush. For light cleaning, a wire bristle brush is enough. For heavy-duty cleaning, you will need a flat wire bristle brush, because this brush will scrape the walls and clean them better. However, this heavy-duty brush mustn’t be used on metal chimney flues. For metal chimney flues, you will need a polyurethane bristle brush.

All of these things must be taken into consideration before purchasing a new chimney brush.

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