Chimney flue lining

The chimney flue is a very important part of a chimney. It must be checked often to avoid any unnecessary hazards that may affect your home like the buildup of carbon monoxide. It is recommended to install a new chimney flue rather than repair the old one.

  • First of all you must clean any debris that might be in the chimney. You can also measure the chimney after cleaning it.
  • The best chimney flue you can pick is the largest one but small enough to fit your own chimney.
  • Installing a chimney flue is easier when you do it from the top of the chimney itself.

Flue installation tips

  • Be careful not to damage the flue liner when lowering it down the chimney.
  • For insulation, use a mixture of vermiculite and cement between the flue liner and the chimney stone.
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