When should you clean a your fireplace chimney?

It’s very important to have your chimney cleaned at least once a year. This should happen no matter if you have a fireplace insert, or an open fireplace, or wood-burning stove. Otherwise you risk a fire in your chimney, endangering your family and your home.

About creosote

Creosote is a substance emanated by the combustion gases and smoke from the burning logs. This substance will collect on the walls of the fireplace chimney. In time it can become chalky, crusty, gummy, like tar. Gummy creosote is very dangerous because it’s very flammable. It’s important to have your chimney cleaned from creosote at least once a year.

What wood type should your burn?

It’s very important for the wood you burn to be dry. It takes up to one year for the wood, after being cut, to dry out enough to burn well. Wood that is not seasoned will contain up to 45% of its initial water. Because of the high humidity, the wood will burn slower, and it will make a lot of smoke, producing more creosote.

Less smoke

It’s very important that the fire your burn in your fireplace produces less smoke. One  method that will help you reduce the quantity of creosote produced is the top-down fire. Most of us make a fire with kindling at the bottom and er larger logs at the top. Well it’s better to it otherwise. Making a fire with kindling at the top and logs at the bottom will heat the chimney liners easily and will also produce less smoke.

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