About chimney surround kits

Using chimney surrounds is a great way of adding a more pleasant look to the chimney pipes that are sticking out of the house. They give the chimney a more classic brick and mortar look. Chimney surrounds are made out of galvanized steel and last a very long period of time.

The kits are easy to install and fit your chimney. The only person who will be able to tell the difference between your chimney and a brick and mortar one is the person who installed the surrounds.

Installation process

Chimney surrounds are easy to install. The sheets must be interlocked into one another and secured to the roof of the house using brackets. When buying the surrounds kit you must inform yourself if the shop offers to install the surrounds for a fee or for free. You can accept this deal if you are not too good at this sort of projects.

Shapes and sizes

Chimney surrounds come in many sizes and can be rectangular, square or round, depending on your chimney type. Also, they can be 4-6 feet high and are designed to fit roofs that have a 4:12 pitch. You must purchase the kit that suits your chimney the best. Some stores offer to carry out an inspection to determine your exact needs.


Because chimney surrounds are made to mimic the color and texture of a classic brick and mortar chimney, you must choose the kit that has a color that will suit the whole aspect of the house.


Compare prices at different shops. Consider the possibility that some hardware stores will offer free or cheap installation if you purchase their kit.

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