Stainless steel chimney cap advantages

If you wish to purchase a chimney cap, your best choice is the stainless steel type. It not only is a functional way of keeping small animals, birds, rain, snow and debris from entering the chimney but it is also a decorative element for the roof.

No rust

The stainless steel metal caps keep its silvery shine over the years and doesn’t stain the chimney or roof, like a black painted steel would do for example.

Rust can also break down the screens of the caps and so the chimney becomes vulnerable to small animals and infiltration of the elements.


Your options are endless when it comes to stainless steel caps. All you need is to find the right sizes one and install it on your chimney. Browse around and search for the best prices and designs. Some manufacturers also produce custom caps.

Long lasting

The stainless steel caps have a lifetime guarantee. All they need is the usual maintenance to protect the cap screens to keep them in shape.

Other features

Nowadays, newer stainless steel caps are designed that have even more bonus features. Some reduce drafts, or increase updraft using wind as a power provider. These caps will reduce your heating bills and keep your fireplace safe.

The stainless steel cap is surely the best choice when it comes to chimney caps. It is functional, durable and a good decorative addition.

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