Cleaning a fireplace chimney

Cleaning a fireplace chimney is a job that can be done by almost anyone. Why spend a lot of money when you can do the job by yourself.


  1. One of the products emanated from the smoke and gases produced by the burning logs is creosote.
    This substance builds up on the interior walls of the chimney and it can be a fire hazard.
  2. There are many solutions to combat creosote, but one of the simplest is buying burning logs that will burn at a higher temperature and that will burn the creosote from the chimney walls. Use these logs once a month.
  3. Although the method of the higher temperature can be effective, if you want to really get rid of the creosote, you will need to clean it. This should be done every year before starting the first fire. This will assure a safe burning process the entire winter. You should also clean the creosote at the end of the cold season because it will still be fresh and it will get off more easily.
  4. For this job you will need a chimney brush. Remove any items that will stop you from cleaning the chimney easily.
  5. You will need to seal the opening of the fireplace to prevent the debris from getting into your home.
  6. Also make sure you wear goggles and dust masks.
  7. Now it’s time to clean the chimney. Get on the roof and start scrubbing the creosote off the walls. You don’t have to do this quickly. Work slowly and make sure you get everything off. Twist and push your brush.
  8. Let the dust settle for one hour before removing the plastic seals. Then, using a vacuum cleaner remove all the dust and debris from inside the fireplace.


  • If you work slowly you will surely get the best results. You will get most of the dust and debris out of the chimney. Also make sure that you seal the fireplace opening.
  • Always have someone watch over you when you are on the roof.
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